The New No Agenda Nation

We’ve finally upgraded the site!

What’s new?

  1. Knight ring orders now have order confirmation and status tracking.
  2. The My Account section is back to check your ring order status.
  3. The archive is available at both and
    However only supports the rss/xml feed and direct url download of the shows ([Show Number] )
  4. You can add your name to the birthday list to receive a note from the boys on your birthday.
  5. No Agenda Meetup calendar. Now you can find and add meetups in your area.

What’s the same?

  1. The logo.

What’s coming?

  1. Soon you will be able to view, edit and download your donation history from the My Account section.
  2. The new producer/knight/ham map.
  3. Meetup Invite System: A way for you to notify the backoffice of a meetup, and we will send out an invite to producers in the area of the meetup.